LASTES BUILD 15.10 image:
LUBUNTU 0.4 ru
pass: 00

Script.bin files:
Script.bin Orange PI PC
Script.bin Orange PI 2/2 mini

The most easy way to do it:
Start menu -> search for Synaptic (pass 00) -> Search button -> search for language, when you got results take en-gb translation from the list, mark it and install -> when it finish reboot. On login screen on the right corner at the top you will have to change ru_RU to english. And that's all, if you need any other language pack just install required translation.


  1. sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
  2. go with menu to set your own location time

Script.bin replace:
Go to windows system -> boot partition on usb stick and replace script.bin with the one downloaded from top of this page

Changing root pass:

  1. sudo passwd root